Monday, January 09, 2012

Bloggers' Soiree x SOUL Lifestyle

At first glance, I was completely amazed, in disbelief of what I am seeing... if it is real or not! ADORABLE AND LOVELY set up, isn't it?!
Photo by: Kristine V.
Each one of us has these, placed on our designated seats.  I had a look of pure wonderment. With our name on it together with our blog add and some things that I am so curious about when I wasn't able to see it close enough!
Now this! This Blogger Exclusiv coupon is a real surprise; sweet surprise! SOUL is indeed a blessing! 

Aidx Paredes talking photos ♥

Maitre  Chocolatier serves great food!! 
 Stephanie Chu sharing how she started blogging! Well all of us did!:)
Kyrie, Pat and Wilson ♥
Farrah Garcia SOUL Lifestyle's Social Media Associate 

Cheyser P.  of The Walking Recessionista sharing her blogging experiences and how she started it. Even encouraged and inspired us to do more in blogging! 

A little something about SOUL? Well to be honest. SOUL is one of my favorite clothing shop even when I wasn't still into the world of blogging. Fresh in my thoughts, I was 13 way back then and I kept on going there in their branch in G-Mall! Ever since, SOUL really provides GREAT fashion finds! 
Mimi  Tupas of SOUL Lifestyle with her hubby, Jun Tupas.

Being invited on a Bloggers' Soiree made my eyes wide open and made my jaw drop! Farrah Garcia sent me a message in regards to this event and I was like "OMG, is this real?" Well of course, as a first timer and most especially here in Davao, that for the 1st time ever is having a Fashion Bloggers' Soiree and I'm one of the bloggers invited! GREAT!;) Im in, whatever the circumstance may be! I totally said YES. 

The day came and I was excited at the same time nervous! I wore heels a mini dress and a blazer. Went together with Kristine Villano of Kweshie Doodles and at arrived around 12:50NN. Since the Soiree will start at 1PM! In great surprise, the other bloggers are not yet around... only Mimi Tupas of SOUL Lifestyle/365 Days With A Pink Mother, Cheyser Pedregosa of The Walking Recessionista and Farrah Garcia of  LayeredVintage Luxe were there. "Were we too early?" we thought! Together with them, we ate lunch at Pancake House. Followed Aidx Paredes of Young Blood  and Mia Durano of Hand Made Turban. Went back to Maitre Chocolatier to have our Soiree proper there. Amazed with the set-up, I was like a small child seeing a magic trick! So on, I met other fellow bloggers. Wilson and Pat of Style Zodiac, Kyrie of Kyrie Kouture, Steph of Stephanie Suarez Chu. Had a great and inspirational talk there, happy eating, too! SOUL Lifestyle, Mimi Tupas and Cheyser inspired us so much! The whole Soiree was indeed a success! 

Where could we be going? Stay tuned as I continue the whole SOUL Bloggers Soiree experience on my next post!

or VISIT SOUL at any of their branches 2nd Level, Gaisano Mall of Davao.
 3rd level, Abreeza Ayala Mall, Davao, 8000 Davao, Philippines

*Miss Vanilla for the cupcakes:

*Artisan Designs for the gift

*Green Options for the soap :))
2/F Fashion Walk, Gaisano Mall of Davao

*ExtremeFinds Davao for the Catena bracelets


The Dainty Doll's House said...

Looks like a lot of fun!! x

Alexandra said...

That's so great that you all got together, blogger meetups are one of my favourite things about being a blogger! Amazing pics :)

Alexandra xo

Damycool said...

Great experience! Love it!

NETTIE said...

Wow, looks fun! <3

Mara Feliz said...

Awwwwe, you guys all look really lovely.. Looks like a lot of fun :) Following!

Love your blog by the way.. Kisses! xxx

carla rana-hernandez said...

way to go
more power to you ;)

hope u can soon visit

Strawberry Poison said...

So lucky Davao has fashion bloggers! :) Bacolod City has tons of bloggers, but I have yet to meet a fashion blogger here. Kudos to whoever pioneered it in Davao :)

Jade Serina-Bioneda